The brother-in-law and parents of Dujovne, behind the Trump Tower of Punta del Este

January 10, 2019

Towards the end of 2011, the architect Moisés Yellati decided to take the then developer Donald Trump to the idea of ​​building a tower in one of the best locations in Punta del Este, facing the Brava. In New York, Trump received them in an office full of trophies and family photos with Eric, his son just graduated from Georgetown in Washington and with the mandate to deal with real estate developments. They say that it was not hard for them to convince them to build what will be the first Trump tower in South America.

The first stone was placed in 2014 and since then, Eric Trump has been following this peninsula which is considered one of the most exclusive spas at the height of the Hamptons in New York, the summer resort of the Kennedys. By the way in a Punta de Este this year with few Argentines, because of the devaluation, the cocktail offered by Eric Trump in Le Tablet by Jean Paul, concentrated celebrities, a few businessmen like Martin Cabrales, Felipe Rozenmutter, Dicky Smith Estrada and Carolina Yellati, the wife of Economy Minister Nicolás Dujovne.

Sociologist by profession Carolina is the sister of the tower developer Trump, Moisés Yellati. That family bond also explains that the Dujovne-Hirsch architectural studio designed the 26-story tower, the only one with a heliport that is offered as luxury residences with five-star hotel service. Apartment prices start at US $ 4,900 a meter and will reach almost US $ 6,500 in penthouses. The expenses? From eight to 10 dollars per month per square meter. Yes, it includes maid service twice a day and the use of 12,000 square meters of ameneties.

Of course, the study founded in 1962 by Berardo Dujovne, father of the minister with his mother, Silvia Hirsch, has very strong credentials. In its beginnings, as it marked the political time of the time for sensitive architects, they dedicated themselves to the construction of social housing in Buenos Aires and in Patagonia. Berardo Dujovne was also dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the UBA and among his most renowned works are from La Algodonera, the El Faro building, in Puerto Madero, the Racing stadium and the Silos of Dorrego, among many others.

The Economy Minister usually says that his father took him to the works since childhood at a time when architecture studies were dedicated to the direction and implementation of projects. He says that observing the tension with the different guilds that was naturalized in the figure of Berardo, now 81 years old, led him to choose the profession of economist.

In what will be the first Trump Tower in South America, in which some US $ 100 million were invested thanks to the pre-sale of the units, they also hired Ana Cabuli. The Trump believe in feng shui, that Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space. They assure that it helps the “positive attitude” of the occupants of the houses. Will Donald have implemented it in the White House?