About Us

Thе Prеss Rеvіеwеr is an independent, non-profit company founded in 2001. Thе Prеss Rеvіеwеr’s head office is in New York, and the reporter groups work in more than 70 corners of the world. The staff of Thе Prеss Rеvіеwеr consists of employees who are well versed in the culture of both Western and Asian societies.

The objective of the project is to provide its viewers with the highest quality products – programs that differ not only in their external appeal, but also significantly enrich life, revealing knowledge about the world around us.

In addition to the news portal, Thе Prеss Rеvіеwеr takes a leading role in presenting traditional art and culture of different peoples. Every year we organize and sponsor various presentations, competitions and other projects of the world level.

Thе Prеss Rеvіеwеr is a non-profit organization. Funding is provided through private charitable contributions, corporate sponsorship, sales of programs and income from professional services.